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Our Licensed Immigration Consultants speak 15+ languages. ImmiSearch makes navigating the complex immigration process easy by connecting you with consultants who speaks your native tongue and understand your culture.

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Find an immigration consultant with experience in your immigration application type - whether it be Express Entry, Study Permits, Family Sponsorship or more.

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Our trusted and experienced consultants are here for you day and night. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we'll help you submit your application as fast and complete as possible.

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Immigrating to Canada is expensive but the consequences of mistakes are even more costly. Don't lose your dream job, school, or home and do it right the first time with ImmiSearch's match-made consultants.

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The #1 priority at ImmiSearch is your successful immigration and we stand by our Licensed Immigration Consultants 100%. Our consultants are fully licensed, authorized by the government of Canada, and upholds professional standards. See the ImmSurance Protection Plan for more details.

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Immigration FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Canadian immigration and ImmiSearch

How much does it cost to hire an immigration consultant?

The cost of hiring an immigration consultant can vary depending on the type of immigration program, the complexity of your case, the consultant's experience, and more. From example, a Study Permit application can range from $500 - $1000 while an Express Entry Canadian Experience Class permanent residency application can generally cost between $2000 - $5000. These are general numbers and some consultant fees may be lower or even higher.

What is the cost of using ImmiSearch to find a consultant?

100% free! We believe that having access to legitimate, licensed, and authorized immigration consultants is a right. ImmiSearch charges $0 service fees for finding, booking, or hiring immigration consultants. You'll only need to pay the consultant for their services.

What immigration program can I apply under?

Immigration can be daunting with over 80 different programs to consider.  We recommend booking an initial consultation with an experienced immigration consultant to receive a fully eligibility assessment on programs that you can apply under. If you are not eligible for any option, the immigration consultant will also help you assess pathways that may help you become eligible in the future.

Alternatively you can use our 3 minutes immigration program finder to see a general list of immigration programs that you can research further.

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