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October 15, 2021
Abdallah Khalifa | Start Immigration and Education Services

A passion for helping people is one way to describe ImmiSearch’s partner Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Abdallah Khalifa. Abdallah Khalifa has been an immigration consultant at Start Immigration and Education Services since 2015 and specializes in Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Study Permit, and BC PNP. He also practices Visitor Visa, eTA, Transit Visa, Super-Visa, Citizenship, Restoration of Status as well as private refugee sponsorship. Abdallah Khalifa said his interest in helping people started when he was working for ISSofBC. He worked at ISSofBC between 2009-2016 and helped refugees with government programs.

“In the beginning, I was working in the settlement sector, helping government assisted refugees,” said Abdallah Khalifa. “I had some experience with immigration so it made sense for me to start my own business. That’s why I looked into starting a career in the immigration sector.”

Making clients feel comfortable is key

Depending on whether you want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, study,  or sponsor your parents or spouse, Mr. Abdallah Khalifa from Start Immigration and Education Services can help. His clients have high praise for his expertise and assures that you are in safe hands for any matter related to Canadian Immigration. Abdallah Khalifa said he sees himself as a people person and loves to interact with his clients. 

“I like to explore options and try to solve problems for clients. When I talk to them it’s not about the fee I get from my clients. It’s about the conversation I have with them and if I can help them.” 

The processes involved with helping a student or a spouse get permanent residency is something he enjoys the most. The opportunities for new immigrants in Canada are endless but he says that it takes a lot of hard work.

“I remind clients that in order to get the best out of your life in Canada you have to be a hard working person,” he said.

If there is any advice that he freely gives his clients when they immigrate to Canada is to research, know which province you want to immigrate to find work and have a lot of savings when you immigrate here. 

“If you immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker with 50 to 100 thousand dollars, if you don’t take action as soon as you arrive you are going to be surprised how soon that money is going to disappear,” he said. “If you are not creating enough income you have to work on reducing your expenses.”

Strong Circle of Support

Abdallah Khalifa said having a strong circle of support is also very important. “If you have friends that have similar career experience as you they can help you. It’s all about connections. We usually learn from experience but if someone can share that experience with you I think it is very important,” he said. When he first immigrated to Canada he was assisted  by relatives that lived in Canada, which helped him save money on hotels because he lived with them. They also helped him get settled, and know about what settlement agencies were available in his local area. 

“You should know what resources are available. I mean there are so many settlement agencies. They don’t do everything for you but they guide you through government programs like child tax benefits, your child’s school registration, health benefits. You know, just getting to know what to expect,” he said.

Get to know and understand what programs have to offer

Abdallah Khalifa also said immigrants should make a point of familiarizing with the different immigration programs available before they apply for immigration to Canada. He also said immigrants should exercise patience when dealing with application processing times because it’s not going to be the same for everyone. 

If you are interested in learning more about immigration, documentation, processing times or how to fill out an application, you can message Abdallah Khalifa directly on his ImmiSearch profile page to set up a consultation.

Abdallah Khalifa | Start Immigration and Education Services
James Tarrant
ImmiSearch Content Contributor
October 15, 2021