Immigrating to Canada from India: A real story from a student on how to move to Canada

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April 17, 2022
Immigrating to Canada from India: A real story from a student on how to move to Canada

Immigrating to Canada from India: A real story from a student on how to move to Canada

ImmiSearch's mission is to make immigration safe and simple. Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with Rajagokul Stalin, one of our clients in India. Raj wanted to come to study in Canada but was nearly scammed during his immigration journey. The unfortunate reality is that many illegal businesses try to attract victims through enticing offers with fake guarantees, unrealistic expectations, and even low service fees. Raj almost fell through this trap, but thankfully stumbled upon ImmiSearch,a platform where immigrants can search, browse, and book licensed immigration consultants that speak their language and specialize in their type of application. All consultants on ImmiSearch are fully vetted and verified to be licensed professionals. Since using ImmiSearch, Raj has been an amazing advocate of ImmiSearch’s mission.

“ImmiSearch to me is everything in my immigration journey, not just because they're on a mission to make immigration safe and simple, but also they never hesitated to go above and beyond for clients.” 

Moving to Canada from India as a customer support professional in the SaaS industry  

Rajagokul Stalin is passionate about managing customer relationships with 2.5 years of experience working with PR & Marketing professionals from APAC, EMEA, and North America regularly. Rajagokul is a recognized customer support professional in the SaaS industry, who has provided hundreds of positive experiences that resulted in long-term relationships. He also volunteers remotely with a few British Columbia-based nonprofit organizations: 365give, Empower the Future, and Simon Fraser University’s Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre. In his free time, he likes traveling, watching Netflix, and sharing his personal and professional learnings  across social media platforms.

“No matter where you come from, you can still go after your dreams”

"Customer Success Manager: As I was progressing in my Customer Support career, I wanted to work more closely with customers understanding their businesses and how they were leveraging the SaaS product to achieve their objectives, which in return I developed my interest towards Customer Success Management that allows me to do all that and MORE. And I’m on my way to becoming one now… 

And as part of my Customer Success education, I applied for a PG program ‘Strategic Relationship Marketing’ at George Brown College in Toronto and I just got my admission. SUPER excited to come there and kick start my studies!

Besides, my worldwide social media community has completely transformed my life both personally and professionally. Most importantly, it made me realize how far I can go in life, despite all the ups and downs. And I wanted to help my community and businesses do the same by helping them leverage social media in a meaningful way. 

Lastly, through my work and the journey I am on, I want to educate and inspire people of all walks that no matter who they are and where they come from, they can still go after their dreams, as long as they believe in themselves wholeheartedly."

The biggest challenge as an immigrant - language and cultural barriers 

"It's important to network with locals, but language and cultural differences can be a barrier. When that’s the case, what immigrants tend to do is just limit their bubble to their community that makes it difficult to experience all the great benefits the new country has to offer for making a difference in your career, overcoming your imposter syndrome, or showing the world who you really are.”

Three tips to share with other immigrants

1. How I Overcame Imposter Syndrome: 

“When you’re going after something big, it’s normal that you feel like an imposter from time to time but you’ll surely get there, as long as you believe in yourself and keep moving. From my customer support experience, I started all that when having no client-facing or SaaS experience, but still not only did I learn how to do it but also positioned myself as a trusted advisor for clients from around the world.”

2. Networking Strategy: 

“When it comes to networking, if you don’t show and tell, people would never know. As a professional, a good place to start would be Linkedin. Being a content creator there for over 3 years, what I’ve noticed is that not everyone shares their learnings or engages with other professionals’ content regularly, which is such a golden opportunity to connect with like-minded people and the people who are in the industry in a meaningful way. You do not have to be perfect, just start with what you’ve got and you will definitely figure the rest out as you progress…”

3. Consistency Matters:

“I strongly believe that when your talent only takes you so far, your consistency makes it happen. Some often underestimate what you can do in a day with 6 months or a year, but what they don’t realize is that those small small actions you take each day are gonna make a HUGE difference in the long run.  

If it weren’t for that, I wouldn't have spoken a word in English since my classes were taught in a regional language in school and I did not have opportunities then.”

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Immigrating to Canada from India: A real story from a student on how to move to Canada
Eva Li
CPO & co-founder of ImmiSearch
April 17, 2022