Immigration 101. ImmiSearch is leading the way in Canada!

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October 15, 2021
Immigration 101. ImmiSearch is leading the way in Canada!

Canada’s economy, cultural diversity and educational opportunities all contribute to a balanced and attractive quality of life which make it one of the more popular countries in the world when it comes to immigration. However, understanding the planning, research, or strategy that is needed to immigrate is becoming a lot easier with ImmiSearch. ImmiSearch is an online platform that aims to make immigration safe and simple. Their goal is to increase immigration approval rates by connecting immigrants with government authorized consultants. The platform also educates people wanting to immigrate to Canada by making credible information accessible so immigrants will have the best chances of having a successful application. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada - between 2019 and May 2020 the average rejection rate was 29 percent. That means out of 3.7 million applications over 1.1 million were rejected or three out of 10 people during that time period. It was a statistic Kevin Lee, CEO and co-founder of ImmiSearch ImmiSearch - Find a licensed immigration consultant  wanted to change. Lee said part of the reason why this percentage is so high is because some immigrants are not working with authorized immigration consultants to help them fill out their application properly. He also said, there are others that have fallen victim to online scams, where in some extreme cases entire life savings have been lost. 

“I’m seeing more and more immigration scams and unlicensed immigration agents. It is such a big problem,” said Lee. “It is estimated that there are more illegal businesses providing Canadian immigration services than those authorized legally by the Canadian Government.”

Authorized immigrant consultants make a difference

Arlene Ruiz is one of ImmiSearch’s government authorized immigration consultants

Arlene Ruiz is one of ImmiSearch’s government authorized immigration consultants and owner of Alexene Immigration and Employment Services Inc. 

 She has been practicing as a licensed immigration consultant since 2013 and is a member of Immigrant Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigrant Consultants (CAPIC).  

In Canada there are an estimated 80 different provincial programs for immigrants which Ruiz said can be narrowed down based on immigrant class and the choice of where an immigrant chooses to live in Canada.

The economic class accounted for 58 percent of admissions in 2019. These Immigrants are selected based on their ability to contribute to Canada’s economy, such as business owners and investors. Family reunification accounted for 27 percent. This class includes immigrants who were sponsored in by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident based on their relationship either as the spouse, partner, parent, grand-parent child or other relatives. Refugees and protected persons accounted for 14 percent of admissions. They typically are immigrants who were granted permanent resident status based on a well-founded fear of returning to their home country because of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social group. Then there are immigrants who fall into the “other” class for humanitarian and compassionate reasons, which are usually decided on a case by case basis. They accounted for 1.37 percent of admissions. 

The secrets behind filling out a successful application

If an immigrant knows what class they fall into and where they want to live, the next step is filling out a successful application. Ruiz said this process starts with a strong understanding of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. An authorized consultant can help an immigrant understand this act and other operational forms, manuals, guidelines and program delivery instructions, which Canadian immigration officers use for guidance and when used properly can help your application. 


Other documents that may strengthen an immigrant’s application are Letter of Explanation  Letters of Explanation (LoE) Template and Cover Letters Immigration Cover Letter Template 

In situations where there are gaps in history or certain documents can’t be obtained, a Letter of Explanation and Cover Letter can be used to strengthen an application. A cover letter is simply a summary of an immigrant application. It is optional but an extremely useful tool that can aid the immigration officer in quickly understanding an immigrants application. This could include personal information, what program they are applying under and how they meet the criteria or other considerations. Then if there are concerns a letter of explanation will help clarify along with supporting documented proof. 

An unfortunate reality of an immigrant not filling out an application properly is misrepresentation, which can lead to an immigrant’s application being denied and the immigrant being banned from Canada for a term of five years. 

The benefits of an authorized immigration consultant outweigh the costs

It is really a no brainer when it comes to the benefits of using a licensed immigration consultant through ImmiSearch. Number one is education. In order to become a immigration consultant, it is standard to obtain a consultant diploma from a recognized post secondary institution. Then after graduation a consultant is required to pass an exam with the ICCRC to become licensed. Over time they are also required by regulations to upgrade courses to ensure the highest quality of service to immigrants who require their guidance. 

Another reason why a licensed immigration consultant is beneficial is experience. They have a wealth of knowledge that you will not find in program guides alone. This allows them to act fast and plan for the steps ahead. One of the biggest stipulations of why immigrants decide to apply themself instead of using a consultant is often cost, however the success rate of using a immigration consultant often speaks for itself. According to the IRCC in 2020, the Economic class had an 97 percent approval rate and the Family class had a 94 percent approval rate for in Canada Applications. When you consider the 29 percent rejection rate it can mean so much more than application fees. It could amount to months, years of lost time, rescinded  job offers, not being able to attend the university of your dreams or your dream of living in Canada. If you want to know more about Immigration programs, ImmiSearch’s government authorized consultants and other useful information for your application please visit

Immigration 101. ImmiSearch is leading the way in Canada!
James Tarrant
ImmiSearch Content Contributor
October 15, 2021